Metrowest Neurofeedback Training Report - Metrowest Neurofeedback
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Metrowest Neurofeedback Training Report

Please ONLY fill out the selections where you have a change to report. Thank you.


Your Initials

1. Trouble sleepingSlept better

2. Less energyMore energy

3. Anxious/NervousCalm/Relaxed

4. More HyperLess Hyper

5. Sad or downHappier/Feeling Up

6. Got a headacheReduction of headache

7. Poor concentrationBetter concentration

8. Too jazzed upMoving in slow motion

9. More tic behaviorReduction in tics

10. Spaciness/cognitively 'foggy'More awake/alert

11. Emotional discomfortFeeling of well-being

12. Felt physically worseFelt physically better

List any other noted changes