Testimonials - Metrowest Neurofeedback
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After 1.5 years of CBT without improvement, we reached out to Dr. Lytel at the start of last summer in desperation for help with our then 7 year old son. He was wracked with general anxiety and negative thought OCD, to the point of being unable to get through basic daily tasks without breakdowns, if at all. Life was not enjoyable for him. It was excruciating for us to see as well. After a few sessions of neurofeedback there was noticeable improvement, and after just a summer of treatment there was a whole new version of my son returning to school! Happy, humorous, brave and confident he is now exploring all the world has to offer and finding his own unique talents and interests, including dance and performing! He is learning to tolerate, which is HUGE. As a friend of mine noted a few days ago, “it’s like he was stuck in a shell and has now emerged.” We couldn’t be more thankful!

“Delightful and focused boy, proud of what he can do. Really stable, slept well. Cheerful, articulate, and focused. Just wonderful.”

“I can’t say enough positive things about neurofeedback for my kids’ attention issues. Wish we’d found this years ago.”
-Mom of M, age 13 and K, age 15

“B. has undergone so much progress. He just completed his freshman year achieving just above a 3.0 average with a very challenging curriculum, including advanced calculus. He got straight A’s in his major, computer science. With his former level of ADHD, this would have been unimaginable.”
-Dad of 18 yr old

“I can really feel the difference. My memory works better, I sleep better, and my anxiety calms down. I look forward to the sessions, which are always so pleasant.”

“Hi Judith! I just wanted to let you know that I just got back from ‘the date’ and I didn’t get the slightest bit anxious. You must be a wizard or something!! I’m nearly giddy right now! Thank you so much.”
-A., age 18

“We had an unusually nice evening with him. He was interested in connecting and helping in the house”.
“Very sweet last nite, even saying sorry for little things …never did that before”
“Overall, much calmer, thank you!”

-Mom of K, age 14

“I can’t say enough positive things about neurofeedback for my anxiety or my kids’ attention issues. Wish we’d found this years ago.”
“Delightful and focused boy, proud of what he can do.”
“Really stable and focused. Just wonderful.”
“Slept well. Cheerful and articulate.”

-Mom of M, age 12

Sends photo of smiling son: “First time ever performing on stage. Totally amazing that he did this. A proud and happy boy. Thank you for all that you are doing to help him. You have made a tremendous difference.”
-Mom of C, age 11

“Nice work with [Xxx], what a doll he has been since his last session with you. Polite, communicative, even-keeled. Everything has improved!!!!!”
“He is pleasant to be around, and showing more self-awareness”

-Mom of B., age 17